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ashley joalene.
27 July 1988
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i am not who you expect. i am not who you want me to be.
i may listen to all the same bands as you
or watch all the same shows, but
i am not like you.
i am done being who someone else wants me to be, a highschool dropout, a smoker, an occassional drinker, a concert junkie, a driver, a good friend, a door mat, funny, independent, dependent, going to college sometime, a good listener, a pretty well liked girl, in love with starbucks frappucino's, more a dog person than a cat person, outgoing when comfortable, obsessed with the oc, a saves the day-aholic, awake all night, asleep all day, probably over you, a constant screen name and elljay name changer, the owner of a 99' pontiac grand am, shy, the daughter of an alcoholic mother and vietnam veteran father and proud of them, a sister, a messy girl, ashley.
you probably don't know me
you probably will never know me, i'm okay with that.

OCTOBER 23 2006.